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Natural Language Processing

Artificial intelligence has led to a revolution in almost all the sectors of the economy and communication, it continues to shape things. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of artificial intelligence that helps computers to read, understand, and interpret natural human languages. It has promoted the interaction of human beings with computers resulting in the execution of many tasks.

Uses of natural language processing

The natural language generation is applying natural language processing in daily activities even without knowing it and it has seen many businesses and institutions conduct operations successfully. Below are the major ways in which this technology is being utilized;

Machine translation; Machine learning has led to the creation of software and applications that aid in natural language translation. This software uses automated computer algorithms without involving humans in the process of discovery that has greatly helped businesses, researchers, and academicians in translating simple content and preparing relevant documents within their field. The top translation applications are Google Translate and Amazon Translate. The applications use neural network structure to translate words at a time and the natural language processing helps them to understand the words, intent, and intent thus improving the output.

Speech recognition

Virtual assistants and smart speech recognition tools depend on natural language processing to convert spoken language into a readable format. For example, software such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant software programs have upgraded the language processing capacities resulting in better decoding of the human voice. As a result, home automation has been improved in building security systems, smart lights, thermostats, refrigerators among other gadgets that detect voices, understand, and automatically process requests successfully. On the other hand, businesses are transcribing calls and making intelligent voice-driven interfaces by the use of customized speech recognition applications. There are also applications such as Sign All that have been developed to convert sign language into text. This has seen individuals who do not understand sign language communicate effectively with deaf people.

Sentiment analysis

Businesses are using sentiment analysis and social media monitoring to track what their customers are saying online about their brand, products, and other features of the company. There are sentiment analysis programs that are applications of Natural language processing to track and classify online reactions or comments as positive, negative, and neutral. This technique has improved many company’s public relations since they can proactively monitor the opinion of their customer and respond proactively before things explode.

Other firms use sentiment analysis to understand the competitors’ efforts and develop advanced mechanisms to win their target audience and acquire a big market share. Also, before releasing new products, companies are testing with small products and receiving online reviews that help in establishing a reflection when they go full scale. The other ways in which natural language processing is transforming businesses is through customer chatbots assistance, text labeling, monitoring and prediction of diseases such as cardiovascular conditions, identification of the fake news as well as spotting talents. Additionally, other companies are conducting short surveys and acquire market intelligence for actionable insights that advance their business goals.

Over the last decade, natural language processing has greatly evolved hence impacting how we perform our daily tasks. The benefit of this model is that it can process large volumes of data and provide accurate deliveries quickly. Nevertheless, there have been challenges where some programs fail to understand the full meaning and intent of the message. Researchers are undertaking vast works in natural language processing to create more smart machines that can read and understand the human language and we can expect breakthrough discoveries in almost every industry.  

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