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Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the use of computer-generated technology to create three-dimensional images in an environment where an individual is immersed to interact and get information through senses such as vision, hearing, and touch all in the artificial world. Virtual reality technology is being applied by technology enthusiasts to maximize their capacity in video games, animations, sports training, surgical procedures among other key areas.

Virtual reality systems   

The term virtual reality comes from the word “Virtual” which means near and “reality” which implies the real world-experience that is generated using human senses. 

By the use of gadgets such as googles, headsets, bodysuits, gloves, and helmets, the virtual reality systems create high-resolution images and videos making them appear closer in a simulated environment with audio. The devices have stereoscopic ability to enhance distance objects and enable an interactive environment within the scenes. 

It is essential to note that virtual reality systems use artificial intelligence sensors to create realistic experiences that are engaging and more interactive. This technique is used because the human brain stimulates senses and when it is provided with information, it controls the feeling regarding reality. 

Also, virtual reality employs graphics, audio, and video information tools to deliver better experiences to the users. However, according to technology researchers, it has been discovered that human beings respond more effectively to audio cues than video cues. As a result, tech giants have been working innovatively to design the best vr headsets.

But numerous reviews from experts and other users have argued that Oculus Rift from Facebook is the market leader that has transformed the gaming world. This headset is built with personalized optics that create an exciting visual field with a large view. Above that, it is built with a pair of touch controllers that offer an intuitive hand experience in the VR world creating a feeling of virtual hands being felt like the actual one of the players. But what makes this headset stand out from the rest is the two virtual reality sets of sensors that track the player’s movement into the VR to understand whether he’s sitting down, moving, or standing and react accordingly. The other best vr systems are 

  • Samsung Gear VR: This vr device utilizes Oculus head-tracking technology and the addition of Android compatibility devices such as Galaxy Note 4 and S7 to run its mobile VR experiences. The lenses have been developed with the ability to connect with the phone’s screen into a stereoscopic screen.
  • Valve Index: This is another quality headset with top resolution, and it uses USB-C. It can support room VR through a screen as it has two controllers and double base controllers. The controllers are designed with grip capacity that allows natural interaction during VR transmission. 
  • Oculus Rift S: Although the Oculus VR headset is one of the high-end brands with a resolution of 2560 by 1600 field view, the price is fair which is $550. It uses LCD lenses to display the video and most people are buying it since it’s seen as an upgrade to the original Oculus Rift. It connects a PC through a USB port and a Display connection to deliver dynamic experiences.
  • Sony PlayStation VR: There Sony PlayStation for VR is one of a kind because it does not require a high-end phone or PC for it to operate meaning it offers plenty of options for playing games on the PS store. Moreover, it works appropriately with PS4 controllers such as DualShock among other vr devices. 

Virtual reality systems require a virtual headset to operate and variety which you can purchase depending on your needs thanks to the competition among the technology companies that have given rice to produce high resolution and more advanced systems. Tekphilia will continue to be at the forefront to do more review for the new virtual reality sets as they are released to enable you to make the right choice. 


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