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An interesting fact about Google is that it has the largest index of websites globally. The institution that is considered one of the biggest technology company worldwide has its quarter in Mountain View, California, United States of America.  The tech giant specializes in products as well as services that are connected to the internet such as cloud computing, hardware, software, search engine along with online advertising technologies.

Google Founders

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google LLC on 4th September 1998 whilst studying their Ph.D.  at the Stanford University in California. The Google founders own approximately 14% of its shares and controls 56% of the stakeholder voting power via supe-voting stock. The co-founders initially developed as search algorithm called “BackRub” with some assistance from Alan Steremberg and Scott Hassan. The founders gave their invention the name Google which was inspired by googol which is a mathematical term for number one followed by one hundred zeros, Larry and Sergey intended to arrange the infinite amount of information on the internet.

History of Google

Google originated from “BackRub”, a research project started in 1996 with the lead programmer, Scott Hassan, writing a lot of code for the original Google search engine, but left before Google LLC was founded as a company. Later, Brin joined the research project who worked with Page on the Stanford Digital Library Project which aimed at developing enabling technologies for a single, universal, and integrated digital library. Both Larry and Brin created the PageRank algorithm which converts backlink data that is collected for a specific web page to measure its importance.

The next milestone in the history of Google is Google signing its first commercial search customer. At this point in time, the Alphabet Inc. subsidiary was getting approximately 500.000 queries per day with the number of employees growing to eight. In June 1999, the tech giant secured an equity funding of $25 million from Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Buyers Sequoia Capital, two leading venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. Additionally, members of staff from the two venture capitalists joined the board of directors in the company. Not to mention, Google progressed in numerous ways, it signed to work with these firms: AOL/Netscape, Virgin Net, Virgilio, and UK’s leading online entertainment guide.

Another landmark for the tech giant is the evolution of the institution’s culture. Through out the years, Google was experiencing rapid growth, but it maintained a small company feel. Fortunately, the moving to Googleplex, their current headquarters, created an atmosphere of collegiality as well as innovation, for instance, visiting dogs, workout room, lava lamps, grand pianos among others.

The next breakthrough for Google is the launch of the keyword-target advertising program which was an additional source of revenue. The company partnered with Yahoo, Japan’s NEC’s BIGLOBE and China’s NetEast. Also, to promote the keyword-targeting advertising to suit small businesses, the tech firm introduced Google AdWords. By December 2000, the establishment was getting an approximately 60 million searches per day and the introduction of the Google toolbar, a highly innovative browser plug-in.  To-date, Google has and still is inventing new features to boost efficiency when working on this search engine.

The future for Google appears to be bright based on the inventions that they are creating, as they assist to solve challenges faced in the real world. Larry Page and Sergey Brin commenced the institution while they were students in Stanford University in 1998. The search algorithm was initially known as “BackRub”.  Moreover, the technology company has made major milestones since its inception. Some of these breakthroughs entails: signing its first commercial search customer, evolution of the company’s culture, introduction of Google tool bar and Google AdWords, among others.

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