About us

It is funny how technology has changed in just the last 20 years. Who knew we would augment celebrities thousands of miles away into live concert halls? The world Pandemics is a clear indication of just how much the world has become a global village because of technology- and no one wants to be left out. Tekphilia is your favorite blog that seeks to keep you abreast of everything technological. From the simplest things such as the latest phone reviews to more complex workings of technology such as augmented reality, we seek to be part of it and carry you with us.

You do not need to be a geek anymore to understand the intricacies of technology, everyone should take part in this exciting new world no matter how much of a novice you actually are. Our passion for blogging on technology is driven by 3 main motivations:

  1. Technology is super dynamic

There is literally nothing that is more dynamic than technology. The changes that occur literally make yesterday’s technology irrelevant and rudimentary by today morning. This fast-spinning nature of technology makes us desire to remain at par with Silicon Valley and we want to tag you along with us.

  1. Technology is fast-moving

Remember the fresh-baked cakes from your favorite bakery that run out by 8 am? That’s what technology is, it is a pretty fast-moving commodity. Any skills and invention someone makes can get all over the world with a snap of the finger. Remember this fellow called Mark Zuckerberg? The one who made a billion-dollar software in the comfort (or discomfort) of his dorm room? That’s what technology can do to you- if you make a fast-moving product at the exact right time.

  1. Technology is diverse

You can always find something pretty interesting to do in technology. No matter your area of interest, or even your hobby, there definitely is something tech about it. Technology, like love, has nowadays become a universal language. So, no matter your area of affiliation or specialization, you can always find something ‘techy’ to do!

Therefore, join us on our journey as we try to dissect everything tech-related that we possibly could dissect. From the simplest to the most complex, and everything in between, Tekphilia has got your back.