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Blackberry: From The Smartphone It Started to Its Fall

The smartphone market is a cutthroat one. Any company that wants to make a mark needs to keep coming up with new, compelling products and services. And this explains the rise and fall of many smartphone companies over the years. Blackberry is one such example of an innovative company that fell from grace because it couldn’t keep up with changing times. Blackberry has seen it all. But what led to this downfall? Let’s take a look at the history of Blackberry, its ups, and downs, so you can appreciate how much things have changed in just a few years.

2000-2008: Blackberry’s Rise to Fame

The history of Blackberry goes back to the early 2000s, when Research In Motion (RIM) launched its first smartphone, the BlackBerry 7250. This was the start of a long and successful journey for Blackberry, which was known for its easy email access, secure network, and strong battery life. This helped BlackBerry gain a lot of popularity in just a few years.

Blackberry’s journey to fame began with the release of its first ever smartphone, the BlackBerry 7250. It was priced around $550 at the time, but it had all the things that we have come to expect in a smartphone. This included a QWERTY keyboard, a dual-band antenna, the ability to store and read emails, and the ability to make and receive calls.

The BlackBerry 7250 was also the first smartphone to offer BIS – BlackBerry Internet Service, which helped BlackBerry users synchronize and manage their email accounts. In fact, the BIS was so popular that it became the basis for the BlackBerry enterprise server.

2009-2014: The Fall of Blackberry

Everything was going well for BlackBerry till 2009, when Apple came up with the iPhone 3GS. This made BlackBerry’s core USP redundant. BlackBerry decided to change its path and started focusing on social media apps, which would allow users to post their updates on social networks. This didn’t go down well with BlackBerry’s core audience, and the company was soon losing out on its customers. Not only this, BlackBerry also lost its market share and was unable to keep up with the likes of Samsung and Apple.

2015-2016: BB Merger and Shutting Down of Plants

By 2015, Blackberry’s downfall was complete. The company had already been acquired by a Canadian firm. BlackBerry was then acquired by another Canadian firm, Fairfax Financial, for $4.9 billion. The two companies had come together for a merger. However, this deal ended up badly for BlackBerry. Fairfax Financial wanted BlackBerry to shut down its production plants and focus on software instead. This didn’t go down well with BlackBerry’s employees, who wanted to continue their work. Even after the merger, BlackBerry’s downfall didn’t stop. BlackBerry’s market share had already been reduced to just 0.01%, and there were many who had already predicted its downfall a long time ago.

2017 and Beyond: What’s Next for Blackberry?

BlackBerry’s downfall has been a continuous process. However, the company is trying to bounce back. BlackBerry has already announced a rebranding of their devices. They are now called BlackBerry Mobile. The company has also come up with a new mobile device called the BlackBerry Key2. BlackBerry is also making its presence felt in the cryptocurrency world. The company has announced a new smartphone that will come with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

There are many who are also predicting BlackBerry’s downfall. However, the company is trying their best to stay in the game and make a comeback.

Final Words

The history of Blackberry shows just how quickly things can change in the world of smartphones. From being an industry leader to shutting down their production plants, the company has seen it all. Nevertheless, this story shows that nothing is impossible. Anyone can bounce back if they are willing to put in the effort. BlackBerry just needs to tap into what they do best and bring it to the modern day.

Hopefully, this article on the history of Blackberry has given you a better insight into the rise and fall of this smartphone brand.


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Blackberry: From The Smartphone It Started to Its Fall

The smartphone market is a cutthroat one. Any company that wants to make a mark needs to keep coming up with new,...

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