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Do you know that an average Facebook user clicks 12 ads per month? The marketers use Facebooks ads to achieve these objectives: awareness, consideration, and conversion given it competitive advantage of being the networking site with the largest number of registered users.  The company has introduced these Facebook advertising types to allow businesses reach their target market. These types of ads are: carousel ads, canvas ads, sponsored posts and sponsored stories.

Types of Facebook ads

Carousel Ads Facebook

Carousel ads are Facebook advertising format that integrates multiple videos or images into one ad.  An overview of the carousel format entails these in a single advertisement: links, headlines, calls to actions along with two or more videos and/or images. The target audience of these ads can view them via tablets, mobile phones and computer screens.

The optimal ways to build businesses and brands is using carousel ads in these four ways, telling a story, highlighting several features of one product, feature various products with different landing pages as well as selling the benefits of becoming a client.

This type of Facebook advertising has one main advantage which is cost effectiveness; these ads are displayed strategically on Facebook given its estimated 1.49 billion users. Also, the ads accumulate click-throughs with low prices per acquisition, for instance, a marketer who wants to reach one thousand people spends less than a dollar. Consequently, driving the conversions at prices 30 to 50 percent less, thus, reducing the marketing budget for the advertising company.

Canvas Ads

Another Facebook advertising type is the canvas ads. they are engaging and very effective in capturing as well as retaining the attention of the user because they create a full screen ad experience bringing brands and products to life on mobile. The components of these ads are call to action buttons, text, GIFs, photos and videos resulting in better user experience.  The key objective of the canvas ads is to boost traffic and brand awareness.

Sponsored Posts

The other Facebook adverting method is sponsored/ boosted posts. The marketer makes a payment that allows the organic posts to show to a wider audience. Once the organic post that is published on a Facebook page is boosted, the advertisement will be shown to the page followers with also an option to target audience beyond the page followers.

Facebook algorithms usually suggests boosting a post if either it is performing well on a page or other businesses have boosted content which is similar. Also, these are some of the metrics that a marketer can specify while creating a campaign, duration of promotion, budget, and the target audience.

Not to mention, these are some of the situations when using a sponsored post is ideal; the marketer wants to promote an upcoming event to increase attendance to the event as well as make a big announcement.

Sponsored Story

The last type of Facebook advertising is the sponsored story which was introduced in October 2017. In July 2017, the company began testing stories “Highlights” feature that enables users to save stories in their profiles for a duration of 24 hours which now is fully functional. Additionally, the Facebook stories are placed at the top of the mobile news feed and has two unique parts namely: stories and direct. The stories are in the area where a user sees circles that contain the images and videos which are usually posted by the users or user’s friends. The user just taps the relevant circle to see a story which comprises of one or more images or videos. Next, direct is a feature that enable new private messaging that is connected to stories. It allows the user to see any video or image sent to him/her directly as well as see replies to one’s own stories.

Facebook ads have changed the marketing game online, the marketers are able to target their audience with their ads resulting in conversions thus expansion of their businesses. Based on the marketing needs, the marketer can select an ad type that is ideal which can either be sponsored stories, sponsored posts, canvas ads or carousel ads.

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