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Google ads account

The Google ads account enables users to create accounts and set up tailored ad campaigns based on time, images, budget including other settings. With this platform, a business can design and run google display ads and promote its products and services.

When a business is running google display ads, it can set the most suitable budget, choose where the ad will be shown and track the performance.

Google display ads

The Google display ads are a type of display network campaign in which the ads are shown to more than 2 million websites and applications that belong to the Google Display Network(GDN). Google has partnerships with millions of websites where the site gets some amount of revenue when it permits Google to advertise with them. Conversely, Google display ads support targeting specific audiences with common interests meaning the ads appear to the right potential customers.

There are four types of google display ads that you can use to be seen by the target audience. It can Text Ads with a topic or headline and a copy of two sentences. Other businesses like using image ads where an image with a few text and various colors are shown.

Also, there are video ads and other rich media ads where videos are displayed on YouTube in more interactive ways because it is one of the Google Display Network. The interactive way could be having a form to be filled or making direct calls.

How to create a google ads account?

Any business can create Google ads accounts and can be done on your google Ads manager account. When you sign in, on the left side click settings, followed by the sub-account setting on the top side of the page. Proceed with clicking the plus icon and click the new account. The next thing is to select the type of account you want and it is either Google Ads account or Smart Campaign account. Selecting a smart campaign account means the account will operate under smart mode where the businesses set their advertiser’s goals and the place they prefer to advertise, then google uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide customized results. The results could be informed of phone calls, filling forms on websites, or purchasing from eCommerce. This type is mostly used by new advertisers.

On the other hand, Google Ads account with the expert mode is suitable for the advertisers who understand all features of managing the accounts because it gives them more control to make bids and other options. It is recommendable for experienced digital marketers and advertisers.

 Search ads campaign

Search ads campaign is a form of online advertising where businesses place their ads on websites and applications that showcase results that are provided according to the search intent of the user by the search engine.

The Google Search Network is one of the leading categories of search ads campaigns where millions of ads appear on websites and applications to offer information when an individual searches questions with relevant terms or keywords.  

Shopping ads

Google shopping ads are a type of ad that provides certain products that a business sells. Additionally, shopping ads feature Product Shopping ads that show one product or shopping ads that involve related products. They display and contain links that direct customers to help them make a buying decision. They appear as “sponsored Ad ” OR “sponsored ads ” and sometimes they are labeled as ads by Google on the partner’s websites and applications.

Many advertisers are currently running their adverts on Google Display Network, and other related websites and applications. The first thing which an advertiser or business needs to do is to create  google ads account and choose the appropriate account they would like to begin with. This platform provides advanced targeting options, biding management tools to control costs, measurement of results and this helps businesses to acquire better-qualified leads.


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