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Predictions for Future of Technology: A Look at the Possibilities

The technology trends are changing every sector of the economy, from finance, agriculture, engineering to mention but a few, efficiency is being improved through innovation. If history, is anything to by, we can predict what is likely to happen in the new future.

Technology is changing the way we work

The rapid changes in technology in recent years have not been unnoticed. In fact, they are one of the key factors driving a wave of innovation. Technology is pushing companies and individuals to reinvent themselves. The industries which are being reshaped by technology are those with physical goods. Many businesses are reworking their supply chains, dealing with new competitors, and getting to grips with digitization and digitization of the supply chain. This is transforming industries such as retail, manufacturing, and agriculture. We will see more and more disruption taking place in the physical world, whilst in the virtual world, technology will continue to develop.

Innovation in Agriculture

Technological innovation is being applied to agriculture across the world, new production techniques for breeding crops and new scientific breakthroughs in techniques to improve productivity are being discovered. This could be attributed to the increased availability of research data and expertise that comes with large-scale data capture and supercomputing. The way farming operations are conducted are changing so rapidly, that if any one of these farming innovations do not improve the way things are done, they might end up losing the race to produce the perfect crops. For instance, farmers are using more precise fertilization methods and genetic engineering is being used to increase yields.

Virtual Reality Will Become A Reality

Virtual reality technology is expected to disrupt industries. It has the potential to create whole new categories of experiences and entertainment. The camera technology in today’s phones and high-definition displays have the potential to push this forward. Artificial Intelligence Will Go Mainstream Artificial intelligence is more pervasive and important than ever. Within a few years it will be a lot more sophisticated than it is today, helping make our digital world more interactive, more affordable, more convenient, and even more helpful. Nanotechnology will change the way we live. Researchers have been able to make materials that can mimic the effect of being completely hollow.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The emerging technologies of AI can be found in the fields of science, medicine, robotics, and other areas. Artificial Intelligence may have been the last truly revolutionary technology. However, there are also predictions that it will replace human workers in their fields of expertise. AI was first proposed by John McCarthy in 1949. However, it took 40 years for it to become a reality. Artificial Intelligence means a machine or machine-like intelligence which can learn and adapt to its environment. The objective of AI is to build a system that can make intelligent decisions on its own without human intervention. The potential of AI is demonstrated in applications such as Google Translate, Facebook’s ‘Likes’ and ‘Comments’, and Amazon’s search engine.

Robots are Taking Over!

The announcement that a robot is going to perform your job was not the one you might expect. But the fact that we need to keep in mind that the robotics and AI is advancing day by day, has given a good insight to the future of this sector. It has also highlighted a critical need to upgrade training in the field of Robotics. Telecom is getting more and more Human-Centric Robots and AI are not likely to replace human workers soon but is set to make these sectors more meaningful and impactful. In fact, it is human relationship that will define how these sectors will evolve.

The Future of E-Commerce

According to the International Council of Shopping Centers, by the year 2022, internet retailers are predicted to provide 29% of total retail sales , creating $408 billion in sales. With a global population of seven billion people, these projections make sense and are based on current trends. The success of Uber, Lyft and Airbnb are all born from new business models based on new technology. Many new companies have been created that are based on convenience. There are even restaurants who have adopted this model to gain popularity. While I don’t agree with every aspect of these companies, especially their business practices, I do believe their success is not be unnoticed and that these companies will continue to help shape the future.

Putting Emotions into Technology

Humanistic Psychologist, Sanford Hartsell proposed a theory that technological innovations, combined with personal evolution, lead to increasingly stronger interconnections and shared emotional experiences between individuals and groups. In his words, “The implementation of such technology will be based on the sentiments and feelings of the participants themselves.” This will allow for increased interactions and interaction will lead to new social, political, and economic experiences. These interactions, along with new technologies will become increasingly intimate in nature.


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