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The Future of Fitness Technology: The Latest Innovations That Will Take Your Workouts to the Next Level

In an age where our smartphones do everything from making calls to monitoring our pulse, it’s no wonder that the fitness technology market is booming. The industry is worth an estimated $18 billion, and it shows no sign of slowing down. From virtual trainers to smart clothing and augmented reality apps, innovations in this burgeoning field are emerging every single day. With a market so saturated with different products to meet every need and niche, how can you stand out as a brand or business? What are the latest trends in fitness technology that businesses should be aware of? And what innovations will take your workout to the next level? This brief guide has all the answers you need.

Better fitness tracking in a world of smart devices
Smart devices have become the norm in our daily lives, with integrated GPS functionality and sensors being used for everything from managing our health to making shopping lists. With the latest fitness technology being integrated into these devices, you can expect workouts to be tracked and managed with even greater accuracy. With these devices, it won’t matter what type of exercise you are doing or what type of movement you are performing. You can expect metrics such as calories burned, speed, distance, time, and even your heart rate to be recorded and displayed on your screen. This will come with added benefits as well, such as a “sleep mode” that can track your sleep cycles and help you to wake up feeling refreshed. This is great news for fitness enthusiasts who prefer to use their own fitness devices over ones provided by their gym or health club. It means you can expect the same level of accuracy and tracking that you would get from the latest smart fitness devices.

Virtual reality and augmented reality for better workouts
Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two technologies that are being explored by the fitness technology sector thanks to their potential to make workouts more enjoyable. With VR, you can expect to be transported to a different world as you exercise, perhaps climbing a mountain or exploring a desert. This, combined with the fact that VR can be used with all sorts of movement, makes it a great choice for those who prefer indoor exercises over outdoor workouts. AR, on the other hand, is projected to be used primarily in tandem with outdoor exercises, such as running or cycling. An AR app would superimpose information like your speed, distance, and calories burned onto your surroundings, which could be a great motivator for beginners who find these metrics difficult to track. These technologies are still in their infancy when it comes to the fitness sector, but many businesses are exploring their potential. If you’re a brand looking to stay ahead of the curve, it might be worth exploring how you can use these technologies to enhance your workouts.

More accurate heart rate monitors and Bio-metrics
The most accurate way to track your heart rate during exercise is still through a heart rate monitor (HRM). However, as technology has advanced, the way that these devices read your heart rate has changed. Now, instead of taking your heart rate manually by placing your fingers on sensors or squeezing a rubber clip around your wrist, AR technology is being integrated into wristbands like the Apple Watch. Instead of having to place your hand on the sensor, you can simply glance down at your wrist to see your heart rate being tracked. This is just one example of how AR technology is being used within heart rate monitoring devices. Others, like the Samsung Galaxy Fit, use their cameras to track your heart rate. However, not all fitness trackers use the most accurate way of tracking heart rate. Some brands may use thermal imaging, which is less accurate or take your heart rate manually. If you are buying a fitness tracker, make sure you check the brand’s website to find out how they track your heart rate. It is also worth noting that you should change your heart rate when you begin to exercise.

More advanced exercise equipment
Exercise machines are incredibly popular in gyms and health clubs, but the latest fitness technology is set to take them to another level. New developments such as virtual reality and augmented reality mean that the experience of working out on these machines can be transformed. VR will likely be used in conjunction with these machines to superimpose images and provide a more immersive workout. For example, you might be cycling on a stationary bike, but thanks to VR you could be racing in the Tour de France. Other advances, like Bio-metrics, are also expected to transform the experience of working out on exercise machines. Using the latest technology in conjunction with the machine, the machine will be able to track your heart rate, power output, and other metrics. When purchasing exercise equipment, it is worth considering the latest advancements in this sector. While you can use older machines, they may not have the same capabilities and features as the latest machines.

Fitness games and apps that make working out fun again
It’s no secret that working out can get boring, despite the many health benefits that come with it. Many people struggle to find a workout routine that they enjoy, let alone one that they can stick to. However, some brands are exploring the potential for gaming apps to reignite the passion for exercising in their users. With augmented reality and virtual reality being used to increase the visual impact of workouts, more brands may look to integrate game-like elements alongside them. One brand that has already explored this is Peloton, which offers an indoor cycling experience that many compare to being in a spin class. However, Peloton has also integrated gaming features, allowing users to compete against one another and earn achievements. This is just one example of how fitness technology can be used to make workouts more exciting and engaging. If you find that you struggle to keep motivated, it might be worth integrating gaming elements into your workout routine.

Final Words
The fitness technology industry is constantly evolving and changing. Instead of focusing on a specific product or invention, brands need to be aware of the latest trends in the market, and how they can adapt to them and their business. With the advent of virtual reality and augmented reality, more advanced heart rate monitoring methods, and the integration of gaming elements into workouts, the future of fitness technology looks incredibly exciting.


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