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What Will the Future of Cyber Security Look Like?

Cyber security is becoming one of the key aspects of our daily lives. With the emergency of Covid 19 pandemic, technology has made it possible for people to work from anywhere. At the same time, hackers have been targeting both small, medium, and large organizations to perform illegal actions such as accessing and stealing data.

The Future of Cyber Security

The solution to these breaches is a combination of technology and human strategy. The private sector must look after security on the devices and systems, while the government must focus on conducting background checks of those companies and organizations that have access to the public. This combination allows the private sector to cover a broad spectrum of technology platforms, but also keeps a close eye on security and data integrity. The public sector will have to implement more security measures that focus on preventing attacks from taking place. How Can You Get Rid of Cyber Security Breach? If there is one suggestion you could give to your IT staff, it would be to ensure that they never access any form of personal information.

How will cyber security be in the future?

The major driver of cyber security is that no matter who you are, when you have a cyber-attack, the damage that can be done can be much more devastating than any previous attack. For example, The World Health Organization and other healthcare agencies have already been affected by the ransomware attacks. It is well known that a cyber-attack can lead to loss of life and future planning. I suggest that what will become even more important is understanding and predicting these attacks as early as possible. Companies who work as early adopters will get to protect their businesses and ensure their customers and clients do not suffer any harm. I think one of the major advances in cyber security is the use of artificial intelligence, including machine learning.

How can you help protect your data?

Security threats are increasing all the time. Most people do not take necessary precautions to protect their personal data. You can follow these tips on how to keep your data safe.

  • Use strong passwords; Perhaps you have already heard that passwords are not enough to protect us. So, you should always use a strong password. Do not share your passwords with anyone. Make sure to update your operating system or software.
  • Read information on common threats. You should be aware of some common threats to better prevent them. Choose a virtual private network or use an SSL certificate. These are generally considered secure ways to connect to the Internet.
  • Make use of services that offer two-step verification. The two-step verification is a way to protect your data. Users that follow two-step verification can make it impossible for unauthorized users to access their information. Protect your information with a hardware or software-based firewalls. It is a simple device that blocks access to a computer from malicious sites. Restrict access to your computer or mobile devices. Make sure you have a strong security suite for your mobile devices. Use a virtual private network for all Internet connections. It is a way to protect data from unauthorized users.


To stay safe in today’s world and avoid falling prey to criminal activities that result to expensive settlements, we must be aware of the threats. Then, the major question to ask is, how can we protect ourselves from attacks? Having effective technology is very important to reduce the risk of cyber-crimes. But as per Robert Thompson, cyber security must be proactive instead of reactive. He also said that criminals are “in it to make money” and will continue to do this in the future.


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